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The Benefits of Remineralisation
The aims outline our vision of what is required to vindicate and utilise the benefits of remineralisation. At Straloch Farm, in Glen Brerachan, Enochdhu, we have the opportunity and the co-operation to nurture a project of local and international interest. The SEER Centre was set up to attract scientific interest and research into the benefits of remineralisation, and to provide education and employment opportunities in environmental sustainability and climate change stabilisation in the 21st century.

  1. AIMS:
    To promote and demonstrate the use of rock dusts and remineralised composts in agriculture, forestry hill field farming, crofting, permaculture and organic food production.
  2. To promote the use of rock dusts and remineralised composts in soil remediation, decontamination, regeneration, fertilisation and disease-resistance.
  3. To promote the use of rock dusts and remineralised composts for atmospheric carbon sequestration.
  4. To promote awareness on the relationships between soil quality and plant, animal and human health, and to demonstrate organic permaculture food production and animal husbandry.
  5. To provide training and rural employment opportunities through the development of a demonstration, education, research and visitor centre.
  6. To promote and demonstrate prevention of soil erosion with permaculture root systems and terracing.

How to Join us and become “A Friend of SEER”

Please contact us using any of the methods from the Contact page with the following information.

Name, Address, Phone number, Fax number, E-mail address, and type of subscription (see below).

Type of Subscription

Individual = £30

Organisation (company or local authority) £150

Concession (pensioners/unemployed) = £15

Please make cheque’s payable to The SEER Centre:

Benefits for Friends

1) Friends receive 2 issues per year of the SEER Centre Newsletter, keeping you updated on progress, events and news of remineralisation around the world. The front page article from the most recent SEER Newsletter can be found on theSEER News page.
2) Reduced fees at future SEER Events
3) Next visit to SEER Centre is free. Come and see this living project in all its splendour with superb scenery.
4) Fresh produce at reasonable prices (during growing season) will also be made available

Further benefits for friends will come as the centre develops.

The SEER Centre Trust is a Recognised Scottish Charity. No SCO 37139.
and is an Environment Trust enrolled with ENTRUST. Enrolment No 190147.