About SEER

The SEER Centre Trust is a charitable organisation committed to regeneration of soils with volcanic SEER® Rockdust® to remineralise the soil to benefit the grower and the environment.

SEER® Rockdust® can improve the natural capability of soils to absorb atmospheric carbon and produce vigorous, mineral-rich vegetataion and nutrient-dense crops. If remineralisation is adopted as a matter of priority on a global scale, our species could sustain itself by increasing crop production without the use of agricultural chemicals.  We could regenerate vanishing soils via soil remineralisation and the activities of soil micro-organisms and earthworms.  This, and more sustainable management of Eart’s finite resources, is how to reduce atmospheric CO2 and stabilise chaotic climate change.

Global Climate change is the tension which precedes the Earth’s natural remineralisation process – 90,000 years of glaciers grinding rocks to fertilise the next stage of evolution. We can simulate this natural fertility process with SEER® Rockdust®.

Mineral Replacement Therapy with SEER® Rockdust® is the most simple way forward for sustainable agriculture and the next stage of evolution.

You can help by using SEER® Rockdust®,  joining the growing movement of “SEER Friends”, sponsoring or donating to our work. You can also help by volunteering at the SEER Centre Gardens or offering other skills voluntarily.

A Scottish Charity SCO37139