Spring – Summer ’05 Newsletter

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3rd – 6th June Gardening Scotland, Ingliston
SEER’s MoiraThomson, with Jennifer Cook of Buzzard Business services and Grant Milne of Tayside Contracts spent three busy days at this exciting show.
Moira demonstrated to people, over and over, how easy it is to remineralise soil as she sprinkled handfuls of SEER Rockdust systematically over the grass in front of the stall. We hope to occupy the same area next year so we can see if the grass there is any more lush!


Jim McColl, from Tern TV’s “Beechgrove Garden” found Moira in a quiet moment, with a cool ice cream. On the following week’s programme, Jim was spreading SEER Rockdust on the organic vegetable plot at the Beechgrove Garden.

Several tons of 20kg bags of SEER Rockdust were sold. Many thanks to Marigold (pictured right) and Martin, who volunteered for a day, and Jennifer Cook (pictured right in our stall) for her 3 days volunteering and her preparatory work.


31st March
Stornoway Horticultural Producers Association keen to hear the story and see the slides, this enthusiastic group flew Cammi and Moira from Inverness to Stornoway.  This was Moira’s first ever flight!  She loved the experience of flying, the birds-eye view of greeny-brown Scotland, the evidence of earlier cultures and newer developments.   The group were impressed by SEER’s achievements and they planned to start a trial of  dusts from the three quarries on Stornoway.  Ruiraidh Ferguson drove Cammi and Moira around the Island and took them to the Callanish Stones and Visitor Centre.  Moira took her customary samples of local worm-casts and showed Ruiraidh the difference between smooth, dull, mineral-poor worm-casts and gritty, glittery, mineral-rich worm-casts she found below crumbling stones in a wall.

28th June BBC World News Documentary “Hands On – Green Beginnings”
In June’s sunshine, BBC World News Documentary “Hands On – Green Beginnings”, visited the SEER Centre and filmed Cammi and Moira showing how simple it would be to remineralise soils, anywhere in the world.   The documentary, which is aimed particularly at education and promoting ecological, sustainable developments in developing countries, was broadcast in almost every country in the world – except Britain.   Many countries in the developing world saw the programme.

28th July
The Eden Project
Moira and Cammi were flown to The Eden Project to speak to over 70 “Friends of Eden”. Moira and Cammi stayed in excellent accommodation in the White Hart Hotel in St Austell and spent a day looking around the Eden Project. They were fascinated to observe that the soil created in the gardens there was very similar to the SEER terraces – it was a gritty, sparkly compost – they discovered that the granite dust from the old clay-mines had been mixed with local municipal compost. The crops looked good. It was a very inspiring place.
The Head of Research at The Eden Project, , attended the SEER lecture and was very impressed with results. The nearby Leskeard Garden Centre took delivery of one ton of 20 kg bags which were actually sold out to new enthusiasts before delivery!

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