Summer – Winter ’04 Newsletter

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Grants and Support

The Scottish Executive and Score Environment granted funding for visitor centre staff this year, from 1st April 04 – 31st March 05. We are very grateful to the Scottish Executive for their continuing financial support. This enabled us to cope with increased visitor numbers, fantastic media interest, upkeep of the grounds & gardens, and marketing rockdust and SEER branding.

We are preparing a five year plan and funding proposal for completion of the Visitor Centre & facilities, gardens & staff and future research projects. We remain optimistic that future support plus funding from external bodies will allow the SEER Centre to continue our important work.


If you have not visited the SEER Centre yet, or haven’t been in a while, please come and see our new garden features. In the past year we have had a large polytunnel erected. It makes a perfect setting for our Summer and Harvest festivals and provides a place to sit and listen to the storytelling, or simply to shelter from that good old Scottish weather. Notice, in the foreground, the long posts erected for the viewing platform.

We’ve constructed a viewing platform perfect for disabled visitors wishing to enjoy the spectacular view over the whole garden. The viewing platform and steps have been constructed entirely from recycled products by our gardeners. The platform is accessible to everyone by climbing the steps from the garden but can also be accessed from the back path on the house terrace (near the disabled car park) for those unable to climb or descend the stairs.



These seats and stools have been hand crafted by our gardeners and are dotted around the Centre to provide an excellent opportunity to sit, relax and take in the fresh air and spectacular glen scenery as you make your way around the beautiful gardens.

Our little wooden shop in the car park has really boosted produce and rockdust sales this year. Next to the main entrance, it’s ideally placed for taking admission fees and selling fresh produce. It’s very convenient for locals or passers-by to pop in. Tourists prefer to roam the gardens then buy SEER goodies!


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